Pictures: Amusing signs in Japan

Japan walks the fine line between genius and insanity. It still remains one of my favourite and one truly different country I’ve seen. These are some pics I took around Feb 2010 when I was traveling across the land of the rising sun.

This was taken while entering JR subway train in Tokyo.

sign1Taken while wandering aimlessly around Shibuya, Tokyo.

sign2This too was taken around Shibuya. This is a gym.

sign3This is self-explanatory.

sign4This pic was taken in the posh Ometosando Hills mall, Tokyo.

sign5This was taken while I was on a train to Akihabara, the nerd part of Tokyo. So exciting!

sign6This was taken in Kamakura, a town which is one and half hour train ride away from Tokyo. I guess this was a Chinese restaurant.


Taken at the top of Kyoto railway station from where you get a great view of Kyoto city. Happy indeed!


I forgot where this was taken at, but it was a dead end.

sign11This was again at Ometosando Hills.

sign10Not sure where, but in a train.


Taken at Miyajima, a holy place which is a ferry ride away from Hiroshima.  What’s amusing is they accept that their English is not perfect, but the price is right.


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