Stepping Out

“Dude I wish I can do what you did!

As much as I like my ego being stroked, sometimes it really annoys me. Please do me a favour and STFU. I’m not doing some out-of-the-world thing. I just quit my job and went away because I felt that’s the right thing to do at that point of time. Simple. I’m not the first one to do it and definitely not the last one.


There’s just one life. Make what you can of it. Do the usual rat race shindig or do completely opposite of that. Or like most of us, try to find the balance between both on a thin line, while trying to make a living. I travel not just to see new places. But because I’m fucking bored of doing the same things again and again. Let’s see – What part of your life you like the most? If I’m not wrong, most of you might be thinking, childhood. Being a kid is fun, without responsibilities  doing whatever you want. But the best part about childhood is that you are always experiencing different things and that’s why it feels longer. As we grow up, our experiences become more or less the same and there’s hardly anything new to experience. We get dragged into completing education and then working to earn a living. Work-Home-Work. You get sucked into it, the cycle continues and before you realise it’s the end of the year. Doesn’t 2012 seemed to go fast? That’s because you are not experiencing as many new things you did when you were young.

And while it’s not the only one, traveling is one of the best ways to experience new things. To get out of your comfort zone. As we get older, we stop discovering things and find comfort in the things which we are familiar with. The unknown becomes uncomfortable. Here’s a bad example of what it was like: I like to discover at least one new band/artist every week. But before I left for Colombia, it was stuck in my comfort zone. I was listening to same type of music or even when I discovered new stuff it was from the popular charts. It was getting very difficult to listen to new music which I wasn’t familiar with – the discomfort of unknown was too much and I used to blame it on the age. Hanging out with the same bunch of people with the same plans every weekend. Every day, the same pattern repeated ad infinitum. I was slowly and steadily going deeper in my shell. Plus my job was making me dumber by the day. I had to get out. And this time I had to shake things up a little and not the usual ‘three weeks vacation’ which I was slowly getting used to. There will be always something which will hold you back. It’s not going to be easy and it’s definitely will be full of “What if’s“. But taking chance and then failing at it is much better than thinking “What if I had tried…” doubting yourself and living your life in regret.

Will I fall behind in my career while I’m away? I don’t know. Maybe, yes. But that’s better than being stuck in a rut. The sheer amount of experiences I had was better than doing the same stuff over and over again. Encounters with a teenage mom weeping next to me wondering about her life ahead, an old man talking about how he’s been kicked out of his house, a single mom telling me how her 12 yr old son wants to travel the world, a drug dealer convincing me to be his mule, the amount of people I’ve come across exposing their lives, has really humbled me. Not that I have attained nirvana or such bullshit, but now I know a bit more about humanity than earlier. More than that I know more about myself. I don’t know if this is what they call an expensive vacation, just to know a little bit about yourself but it works for me, every time. 

I’m almost out of money, so I know this adventure or whatever of mine won’t last long. But for whatever it is worth, I did it. And I’m fucking happy.

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Vaibhav hated traveling before he first stepped out. And now, even after backpacking across 22 countries he still can't get enough of it. Otherwise he is a creative consultant + digital nomad. But it is seeing new places, meeting new people and sharing stories is what he yearns for.

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